Reinforce your prevention against Cyber threats

NTIS (NES Threat Intel Service) detects sensitive and confidential information published on multiple Internet sources, including all social networks.

This service delivers tailored intelligence by exploring the Web (Clear, Deep, and Dark), identifies and categorizes the information at risk in real time such as upcoming or in progress cyber attacks, data exfiltration and/or for sale on the web Dark.

Using a business-driven approach, this service also helps to protect the reputation of the company by preventing IT security breaches and reducing the exposure to cyber threats like phishing, data breach, fraud, reputation, VIP type…

The service is composed of 3 parts :
  • Collection : browser embedded, auto sourcing, crawler/spider, multiple sources (social networks, external engine, applications, forums criminal/hackers, TOR/IRC…)
  • Analysis : fully automated, machine learning, Cyber Big Data Analytics, image processing…
  • Security : alerting, reporting and remediation

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Saas Model : no additional infrastructure cost

Increase efficiency : automated Cyber Intelligence service

Adaptative service related to your specific organisation

Interlock with existing products and services (SIEM, SOC, CERT ...)

Advanced Support of 10 Languages – Chinese, Russian and Arabic ...

Remediation : automated take-down process for removal of malicious content on the web

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Identity Theft on Facebook
Fake application
Fake domain name



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