Managed security

NES offers a complete monitoring service for remote infrastructures security. Our expertise (Cisco, Check Point, Palo Alto, Proofpoint, ZSCALER, …) in the most common technologies allows us to guarantee to our customers a responsive service.

Our offer is declined in 2 major axes :

Proactive monitoring of the Network and Security components at system, network and application levels

To monitor the state of the Network and Security platform, we rely on solutions developed internally (Open Source …) and deployed on the customer’s network.

These solutions make it possible to ensure the proper functioning of the platform, its activity and the degree of criticality of vital services.

They make it possible to identify and evaluate the service level of our offer and allow us to feed the dashboards for the quality control sheet that is provided for in the contract.

This supervision makes it possible above all to detect problems proactively and therefore anticipate the diagnosis and communications.

An operational maintenance service for the Network & Security infrastructure

The second axis deals with change management. This service provides for administrative operations that do not integrate operations requiring architectural changes.
With its 18 years of experience in the security field, NES has always defended the principle of a global vision and know-how in the specific field of “security management”, instead of simple additions to other operating services.
Adapting protection and upgrading skills in the face of increasing threats is essential. This service offer is aimed at companies that do not have the resources to maintain the desired level of detection and protection.

Personalized, scalable and adapted service for SME & ETI

Incremental approach business risks oriented

Catalog of +90 indicators / scenarios, including ETSI standards

Compliance with regulatory requirements (LPM, PDIS, GDPR, ...)

ROI optimization

Managed SOC

NES provides a managed SOC service for the prevention and detection of security incidents.

Our SOC has a continuously updated library of information, integrating the attack techniques used by hackers and powered by our auditing division, this is true at the application and infrastructure level.

NSS (NES Smart Security) is a managed SOC service that relies on a SIEM and on complementary analysis and orchestration tools developed by our R&D.

This service enables to reduce delays of detection and reaction while enhancing the visibility of real threats to your IT assets.

  • Data Exfiltering
  • Unusual Distant Accesses and Bruteforce
  • Fraudulent transactions
  • Unusual downloads
  • Configuration changes
  • Network overflow

NES’s SOC is based on 3 pillars :

  • Alerts and threats analysis
  • Security monitoring and vulnerability detection
  • Involvement in the awareness process
  • Health and safety
  • Advanced analysis of alerts triggered by correlation
  • Manual analysis of indicators
  • Trend tracking
  • Coordination of the response to confirmed incidents
  • Coordination of technical teams
  • Incident Communication
  • Follow-up of the action plan
  • Remediation assistance

And 2 support functionalities :

  • Continuous improvement of monitoring tools
  • Securing tools and systems used for surveillance
  • KPIs
  • Weekly Dashboard
  • Comitees

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