Security audit

The audit aims to evaluate the security level of your information system (systems and processes, infrastructure, applications, WiFi …).

Once the vulnerabilities have been identified, the auditor will provide some recommendations in order to mitigate the identified flaws and potential threats.

The audit helps to :

Anticipate a potential threat by identifying vulnerabilities and assess the risk et votre niveau d'exposition aux risques SSI

Improve the defenses on the perimeter (Firewall, proxy, IPS, WAF, VPN, SSL, PKI …)

Challenge your ISSP (Information System Security Policy) along with your providers : Integration, Outsourcing, Hosting, SOC …

Raise your global security level through regular assessments

NES, French expert and pioneer in security audit

Our Audit business line comprises 30 experts (pentesting, reverse-engineering, O-DAY)

NES carries out over 350 security campaigns per year : Web, Applicative, Infrastructure, Cloud, IoT, …

Our tailor-made pentesting scenarios based on real-life attacks and our diagnostics are adapted to the business context of our customers in France and abroad.

NES Group is one of the top leaders in terms of expertise to remediate the
vulnerabilities identified during security pentesting.


Infrastructure Pentests

Internal & external pentesting
VOiP, Skype
Active Directory, Azure AD
Big Data Infrastructure
Monetary Infrastructure
(TPE, payment servers, SWIFT …)
Wifi, RFID

Applicative Pentests

Web pentesting
(Android, IOS…)
Web services
Rich Applications
(People Soft, SAP)

Red Team Hacking

Simulating real-life attacks within a widen scope and under time constraints.
We favor the exploitation of impacting and fraud-oriented vulnerabilities

Configuration Audit/OS Hardening

System Base
(Windows, Linux, AS400 Mainframe,…)
(Oracle, MSSQL, DB2,…)
Web Servers and Applications
(Apache, Weblogic, Jboss,…)
Firewall, Proxy
(Check Point, Fortinet, Juniper, Squid, F5,…)

Architecture Audit

PAI, DMZ applicative, distant access …

Source Code Audit

Java, php, Python, Cobol


Connected Objects

IaaS & Cloud

Amazon, Office 365, private cloud

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